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Save More Without Living Less 
Your Trusted Professionals For Confidence And Certainty In Your Financial Future

Do you have the right financial strategy?

You should feel confident about your finances, have a clear path to retirement, and arrive there financially thriving. You shouldn’t have to reduce your lifestyle because of poor planning.

The C&A Difference: Enjoy Life, Build Wealth and leave a Legacy

Achieve your goals and leave your legacy



Discovering where you are today and defining where you’d like to go. We’ll discuss the benefits of our relationship, what your expectations are, what we need to focus on, and what’s currently in the way of achieving your goals.



Sharing our advice and a clear roadmap to achieve your goals based on your unique situation. We’ll get your finances organized and efficient, and implement your financial plan with guidance and facilitation.



We provide ongoing coaching and advice to keep you on the path to a successful financial life so you can enjoy life, build wealth and leave a legacy.

It’s easy to think ‘I’m all set’ especially when retirement seems so far away

We hear those words from so many people who are actually in a world of worry. Many people have received bad advice from other professionals recommending ill-suited products because they just don’t know any better.
It shouldn’t be that way.

To succeed, you need the right strategy and the right coach and that’s where we come in.  When you choose C&A you get a process-based financial strategy with your interests in mind, not a product-based strategy built on commissions. We specialize in professional financial coaching to help you live the life you deserve without sacrificing your lifestyle.
It’s how we want to be taken care of.

You shouldn’t have to re-enter the workforce in retirement

That's why we give financial advice based on a tested process and strategy, not hope.

We thrive on building relationships and are
committed to your financial success

Regular Advising

We grow with you and adjust the strategy if necessary.

Reviews and Updates

We help you stay informed and on the right path.

Coaching Experiences

Our coaches work with you to build your financial confidence.

Educational Content

We keep you up to date with consistent information from trusted sources.

Your Community

Connect with like-minded people and feel supported.

Everyone deserves a financial advisor they can trust

Working with us means you’ll have confidence and clarity in your financial life
so you can be the best version of yourself, the hero of your story.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m financially comfortable, do I need an advisor?

Many people believe they are, "all set," or may already have an advisor. Many times professionals only focus on one area, however, C&A Financial acts as a macro-manager, assessing your entire financial picture to see if there are areas needing more attention. We are holistic strategists. We see the big picture and can identify potential warning signs that may affect your cash flow now or in the future.  We are an asset without replacing current relationships.

How do I choose an advisor?

Our CEO, Frank Congilose, wrote a book on finding the correct fit with the right advisor, Coerced to Coached In choosing an advisor, the best choice you can make is having a comfort level with your advisor and knowing that the value you receive meets your standards.  Advice should be led with a holistic approach; you will be better prepared to make decisions.  We also like to get to know our clients on a personal level before working with them to make sure there is a mutual fit and a philosophical alignment.

How much do your services cost?

Our services are complimentary for any meeting or strategy session. We are fee based and are compensated by the financial institutions we do business with.  As we create your personalized strategy and plan, there may be a financial product recommended.  If you choose to implement that strategy, we get compensated by the financial institution the business is placed with.

Does my spouse need to be involved?

Not necessarily; however, because we take a holistic approach, we look at many different aspects of your financial life, we would like to get to know them and build a relationship with them as well!

I already have an advisor, I’m all set.

What we have discovered over the last 40 years is that there is always room for improvement.  We understand that relationships and circumstances can change, but we would like the opportunity to share our expertise, so that you can see the value we provide for you and your family. Our objective is not to replace current relationships, but to be another asset to your overall financial life.

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