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Enjoy Life, Build Wealth and Leave a Legacy™

We believe your cash flow determines your quality of life, not your net worth. Many financial organizations focus only on ways to build wealth, but not on how to live well and enjoy life. Having enough money to live the life you want is the key to building a life of Responsible WealthTM – a balance of wealth building and protection that provides true financial freedom:

Wealth Building

The way to build wealth isn’t a mystery; it comes down to how much you save, how well you invest it, and how much of it you spend in your lifetime. Think of it as the 3 Rs.

Rate of Contribution – The more you save, the more you’ll have to build wealth. Simple. C&A can help you increase your savings rate, recover costs and build greater wealth while keeping your lifestyle the same.

Rate of Return – We’ll help put your money to work, focusing on capturing realistic market returns through efficient asset allocation and diversification to grow your assets.

Rate of Distribution – In the end, “It’s not how much you make, but how much you keep.”  A well-designed strategy for utilizing wealth enables you to enjoy life now and in retirement and still leave something for your heirs.

Wealth Protection

Protecting your wealth is as important as building it. Our planning process can also help you keep more of what you’ve earned:

Assets – We’ll also help insulate your assets from unfriendly creditors, legal action or even an untimely death.

Income – Earning an income is likely the foundation of your wealth, but retirement or an unplanned event may end it, perhaps abruptly. We’ll help you safeguard your money with “worst case“ planning so a change in income doesn’t drastically change your life.

Legacy – Our holistic planning will ensure you are able to pass on what you want to who you want with controls in place that give you peace of mind.

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