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The Responsible Wealth Playbook

C&A Financial Group welcomes you to experience our commitment to a lifelong full-service process. Our process, called The Responsible Wealth Playbook, is not a set of static recommendations. It is a five-phased process guided by your C&A Coach that will help you:

  • define your goals
  • create a strategy to achieve them
  • plan alternatives if an unplanned event impacts the strategy
  • get advice throughout your lifetime

Like any good coach, their success is measured by the quality of the results you achieve. No game in life goes exactly as planned, but with a C&A coach, you’ve got a partner to help you adapt and stay focused on success.

The Responsible Wealth Playbook Five-Phased Process

1. Setting your goals

Success starts with a vision of what you want and what is possible. Your coach will help bring your vision into focus and align your priorities with your potential opportunities.

2. Lining up your resources

Your coach will help you assess where you are and how to best maximize your resources to achieve greater wealth and opportunity.

3. Gaining greater wealth

Using key market rates, what we refer to as the 3Rs, to your advantage is at the core of successful wealth management. Your coach will assist you optimizing your rates of contribution, return and distribution to enable you to save more without living less™ .

4. Defending your assets

As you build wealth your coach will assist you in anticipating risks to your assets – even those that are unplanned and unforeseen - and implement strategies to help protect your life’s work so you can enjoy life and focus on what matters most.

5. Implementing your game plan

It’s true that, “A plan is only as good as its implementation." Your coach will assist you in coordinating and implementing your plan throughout your lifetime to help manage cash flow, grow your assets and preserve your legacy.