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Past Events

Below you will find a glimpse of some of our past topics.  Again, our Wisdom Wednesday complimentary seminars are offered monthly! Should you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Previous "Wisdom Wednesday" Seminars

Business Planning for Business Owners

Business Planning for Business Owners

Increase your top and bottom Line

Learn ways to attract, reward, and keep your best people

Discover strategies for exiting your business

Understand how to turn your business’ value into your retirement nest egg

College Planning

College Planning

When should I start saving?

How do I pay for my child’s education?

What plan works best for us?

How does financial aid work?

How do student loans work?

Can my child get a scholarship?

Who can help me figure this out?

Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness

Ways to increase your savings while maintaining your lifestyle

Ideas of what to do with your savings

Keys to building wealth

Setting yourself up for a financially successful future

Savvy Social Security

Savvy Social Security

What Baby Boomers need to know about maximizing retirement income.