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Ms. Yue just helped the company dealt with a thing, a supermarket chain stores in 2005 signed a leasing contract, the lease just more than half, owner suddenly ultimatum prices, the new rent is 8 times of the original. After repeated consultations rent rose by 2.1 times. "This is the best to strive for it, our great pressure." Now the core business district of Beijing's commercial eco is undergoing great changes, like "centrifuge" soaring rents in general, the meager profit enterprises farther and farther behind convenience. People can not help asking, when all the enterprises a values are major suit high-end luxury, mass consumption were squeezed out of this format, normal? 100 square meters small Menlian rent of 210000 China World Trade Center period three period than twice as expensive as it is no wonder that Starbucks to move in the length and breadth of the Starbucks stores, China World Trade Center mall a first layer Starbucks Coffee shop size. But as the first store China, here the people Coffee consumption and culture. Now the French luxury bags printed with the words "GOYARD" black oilcloth surrounded the whole shop. According to informed sources, the relocation of Starbucks except with adjust location and store brand upgrading, expensive rent is the key reason. "Starbucks early entry into a period of China World Trade Center, belongs to the strong brand, signed the rent is not high. Over the years, the popularity of China World Trade Center has begun, the property side do not lose money trading." From the rental price of view, China World Trade Center phase is much more expensive than the three period. Yesterday, the reporter visited a home agent rental shops of the conduit company. Agent, China World Trade Center for a period of the rent is 70 yuan / sq m / day, China World Trade Center three of the rent is 40 yuan / sq m / day, a difference of nearly one times. Calculated according to 70 yuan / sq m / day, rent 1 square meters in China World Trade Center for a period of one month, the rent is 2100 yuan. 100 square metres of "small Menlian monthly rent cost", only reached 210000 yuan. This level is not the highest, in Beijing. Institutional data display, the first quarter of 2012, the Wangfujing of the Orient new rental prices, has reached 2600 yuan / m2 / month to 3500 yuan / square meter / month. By the first quarter of this year, New Oriental Plaza rent amount is rising, and the "one room is hard to find". The new rent is 8 times as much convenience enterprises or leave or the cost to consumers Ms. Yue for chain retail enterprises in 2002 into the Beijing, quickly development of ten years, stores all over the capital of each district and community. Recently, Ms. Yue just helped the company processed a thing. A store in 2005 signed the lease contract, rent just more than half, owner suddenly ultimatum prices, the new rent is 8 times of the original. After consultation, the company and the owners Ms. Yue re signing, shop rents up 2.1 times. "This is the best to strive for it, but the sales pressure increases greatly. Many shop we open in 2002 and 2003, had signed a 15 year lease contract. Arguably, the lease period of rent is agreed, but in the past two years have met many times owners' sit prices'." "Compared with the high rents, owners default unilaterally tore up the contract of gold is not what." Ms. Yue said, in the past few years, some stores is because the owners "swapping" had to be closed or moved. "We usually do with estimates, have a look at the same time rent increases can pursue profit and loss balance. If the shop to have the potential, then have to have the patient in consultation with the owners. But the consultations fail situation." It seems that in Ms. Yue, now the core values of rent increases as "centrifuge" generally, gradually to the meager profits of mass consumption enterprises farther and farther behind. Enterprises in order to keep the store "compromise", increased operating costs to the cost to consumers, or because the high rent evacuated. Luxury goods occupy the core circle of mass consumption stores was crowding out the format of normal? "Some of the core values of quality property rents rose too quickly, some retail has to bear." The Secretary China commercial real estate Union General Wang Yongping told reporters. From the first Pacific Davies report shows, since 2010, Beijing shops rent every month are on the rise, as of the end of 2012, the average rent for high-end shopping center first floor has reached 864.9 yuan / m2 / month, which is nearly 29 yuan / sq m / day, a year for the past six years the average increase of 7%. However, although many enterprises and escape from the CBD, the Wangfujing because of unbearable rent burden, but there are still a large number of brand waiting to enter the core values, so the high-end property is not lack of customers. "Now, some high-end luxury brands and for the first time into the Chinese brand, are particularly willing to enter the China World Trade Center mall, star world these places." Wang Yongping said, the capital of the core values of the advantages lots and advertising effect, is an important reason why enterprises scramble for, and luxury brand because the brand monopoly, profit ability strong, can withstand the high rent. Or, some brands although in CBD is losing money, but in order to establish the image, still want to insist on. In the eyes of Ms. Yue, the current changes will form a vicious spiral. "You just imagine, if the core values of all and only those top high consumption and major suit, the mass consumer shops were all crowding out, that this format is normal?"