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Financial Wellness for HR Professionals

Employee Financial Wellness Program

Employee Financial Wellness Program

One of the biggest challenges for Human Resource Professionals is attracting and retaining qualified employees. Another challenge is that applicants are seeking benefits beyond paid time off and health insurance.

Offering a Financial Wellness Program will help in overcoming these challenges complimentary to your organization. It is a great way to add a free benefit to an existing benefits package to retain employees, maintain competitiveness in the job market and implement a Wellness Program. 

Our Financial Wellness Program is education-based and adds value in helping employees plan for the future and reduce financial stress.

Other benefits of Implementing a Financial Wellness Program:

  • Helps attract and retain qualified employees
  • Complimdentary benefits to employees at no cost to the organization
  • Adds value to compensation packages
  • Compliments existing Wellness Programs
  • Increases employee productivity and engagement 
  • Reduces financial stress
  • Reduces distractions, absenteeism and call-outs at work
  • Employee-centric educational program

To request a demo of our program, please contact us by using the link below.