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Introductory Videos

<p><strong>Introductory Videos<br/></strong></p>

Introductory Videos

Managing Partner, Frank Congilose and Managing Director, Katelyn Congilose share how to establish financial goals, the C&A mission, how to save more without living less and discuss why you should choose C&A Financial Group.



What drives us to do what we do?

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<p><span id="_mce_caret" data-mce-bogus="1"><sup data-mce-bogus="1"></sup></span>The Difference</p>

The Difference

What makes C&A Financial Group different from other financial organizations?

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<p>How To Save</p>

How To Save

How can you save money without giving up a lifestyle?

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<p>Our Mission</p>

Our Mission

What is the mission of C&A Financial Group?

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<p>What is Wealth?</p>

What is Wealth?

What determines your wealth?

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<p>Ideal Client</p>

Ideal Client

Who is our ideal client?

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<p>Last Check</p>

Last Check

We recognize that at some point in time everyone we know will stop working. Frank explains the importance in planning for your last check.

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<p>Running Out of Money</p>

Running Out of Money

How can you avoid running our of money in retirement?

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<p>Accomplishing Goals</p>

Accomplishing Goals

What does "Save More Without Living Less" mean?

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<p>Volatile Markets</p>

Volatile Markets

A way to look at volatile markets. What would your future self say to your current self in the scheme of things?

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<p>End Result</p>

End Result

After a client works with us, what is the end result?

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<p>The Secret To Wealth Building</p>

The Secret To Wealth Building

What are the 3 attrributes to wealth building?

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