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About Us

Originally founded in 1982 as Congilose & Associates, C&A Financial Group's objective is to provide comprehensive strategic planning and guidance. We help our clients to make informed, sound decisions to achieve the highest level of prosperity with their business and personal assets, with a strong focus on cash flow. 

We understand that in today's economic world, you face many financial obstacles and challenges. At C&A Financial Group, our team of financial professionals focuses on our client's complete financial picture to formulate and develop a comprehensive and customized analysis to fulfill their financial objectives and make informed decisions about their future.

We not only implement a customized comprehensive plan that is tailored to your financial success, we also continuously monitor your success on an ongoing basis to ensure your assets are protected and you are successfully working toward a secure future. This approach also allows us to assist our clients in adjusting their strategies to fit their changing financial situation in today's economy.

We take pride in a reputation that transcends numbers. With a staff of some of the most highly trained professionals in this field working toward your success, you have the confidence knowing you and your family's financial dreams are secure.