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Robert Farrell

Robert Farrell

Partner and Investment Manager

Robert Farrell has been a distinguished leader in asset management for over 35 years. His extensive career encompasses pivotal roles, including managing treasury and funding operations at some of the world’s largest financial institutions. Bob's deep experience extends to senior portfolio management, where he has successfully overseen capital allocation and global trading responsibilities across banks, broker-dealers, and hedge funds, including prestigious firms like Salomon Brothers, Bankers Trust, Soros Fund Management, Countrywide Capital Markets, and CRT Capital.
Currently, Bob is a Partner and Investment Manager with C&A Financial Group, where he excels in crafting tailored investment portfolios for a diverse clientele. His strategic vision is also expressed through his role as founding partner at Blanton Research LLC, an advisory firm of experienced financial markets professionals working together to deliver solutions for an ever-changing landscape in the financial services industry. His career is marked by his ability to surpass corporate objectives through distinguished team leadership and innovative financial strategies.
Bob is recognized in the industry for his ability to develop sophisticated asset liability models working hand in hand with regulatory authorities. His collaborative approach and progressive views on risk and asset management exceed traditional risk measurements.
Bob holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Fairfield University in Connecticut. He is very active in the local community of Monmouth County, NJ and serves as the Chairman of the Zoning Board of Adjustment in Colts Neck and sits on the long-term planning committee, where he contributes his expertise to local development and planning efforts. Bob is married to his wife of 37 years and has 4 children. Outside of work, Bob enjoys spending time with family and friends, warm summers on the beach and golfing. 

Financial Representative of Guardian and Registered Representative and Financial Advisor of PAS