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Thomas Dogas, CExP

After 25 Years In The World of Finance, Marketing and Sales I Finally Discovered "My" Why. Where could I help people the most and make the greatest difference?
So I underwent a "rare" training process and now I provide a unique coaching experience that creates a safe place for people to unravel and discover their emotions and uncertainty around their money and financial future.
It is done thru "Listening" prompted by asking pertinent questions. Connecting with people is "life giving" for me and building relationships brings me great JOY!
The biggest compliment I could receive is "Tom is one of those guys you want in your foxhole with you."

I am now a Certified Exit Planner, counseling business owners on a wide array of business issue such as identifying exit objectives, addressing key employee incentive planning and retention issues, incorporating business continuity planning, and establishing wealth preservation.

I love the NY Yankees and all the history they represent. I enjoy coaching and watching my children's sports teams...especially baseball!
I love to cook and enjoy any and all types of cooking experiences even with my wife!
I love my family, my church, being in the gym, the outdoors and our family pet rabbit dearly!
I am a "big fan" of a life of continuous improvement!

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Financial Representative of Guardian and Registered Representative and Financial Advisor of PAS, CA Insurance License Number - 4051005.